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Legal After Microsoft's extortion racket has failed to stop Android, and after Oracle's crazy baseless lawsuit failed to stop Android, and after Nokia adopting Windows Phone failed to stop Android, Microsoft, Nokia, and Oracle are now grasping the next straw in their fruitless efforts to stop Android: they've filed an antitrust complaint with the EU, claiming Google unfairly bundles applications with Android.
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RE[3]: Ashamed
by cdude on Wed 10th Apr 2013 07:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Ashamed "
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Stuff like this comes from the management and legal departments, not the engineering departments

Usually you can't separate them since management has a great deal of influence on engineering. Motivation and proud to be with a company are important values that increase engineering productivity. If behavior to outside competition is war you can be sure inside competition is too. That's not a healthy environment for those down the stack, engineers.

who generally just want to worry themselves

We are all driven by motivation. Engineers, more so the very good ones, need support and motivation. Kill that and you lose your best engineers, like happened at Nokia, and make those staying more unproductive.

crafting inventive products and solutions.

Like Windows 8 and Lumia? Come on, if you look for the reason why they are so non-competative don't look future then that. Its problems in management and execution. Now guess why...

a) it might not have been like that when they started

An what does it help your products if your engineers hate "there" management and company, if they feel bad about action done by "there" company?

b) it's not the greatest economy to just quit and find another job

Its a great economy situation for talented people. Your A-class engineers. Those you like to keep. They are the ones who are going to change job first if conditions on the current job change to a level they aren't happy, motivated, supported any longer. That's why company's put large money into engineers just to keep them feel home. Google's 20% own-projects schedule, bonus, company events, inhouse marketing are all for that.


And yet it influences there productivity and those who not stay and switch will make those who stay even more unhappy. The way to go as we see with the unique success of Lumia. Haha.

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