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OSNews, Generic OSes Almost exactly three years ago, I wrote about why OSNews was no longer OSNews: the alternative operating system scene had died, and OSNews, too, had to go with the times and move towards reporting on a new wave of operating systems - mobile, and all the repercussions that the explosion of smartphones and tablets have caused. Still, I was wondering something today: why aren't we seeing alternative operating systems on mobile?
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RE[4]: Hardware
by UltraZelda64 on Tue 16th Apr 2013 19:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Hardware"
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Not everyone wants to feel crippled with hard to use OS command lines just to fucking browse the web or edit digital photo taken 2 minutes ago. Your OS is unusable in the vast majority of cases, Android is usable.

Really? Not that it's even required, but seriously, is "firefox" really that difficult of a command to type? Or even "gimp"? People are effectively doing the same exact thing in Windows when they hit the Windows key and start typing... the only difference is the fully-automatic completion and drop-down menu. Same idea with Windows' older "Run..." command. Same with Mac, whatever its version of this functionality is called. And nothing's stopping you from using Tab in Bash either, if auto-completion is what you really want.

What are you going on about, anyway?

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RE[5]: Hardware
by Kochise on Wed 17th Apr 2013 06:42 in reply to "RE[4]: Hardware"
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Try running firefox or the gimp in TempleOS, then come back to me...


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