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Google "The first Google-influenced Motorola phones will start to appear in the second half of 2013, Wicks said, and if you like smaller form-factor devices or stock Android, you're going to be excited." This is exactly what the market needs, to be honest. Stock Android phones straight from Google that aren't Nexus devices. Nexus devices are nice, but are available in a limited set of countries only, and the Nexus 4 is continuously out of stock. Hopefully Motorola will do a better job on the availability front.
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by Lobotomik on Wed 17th Apr 2013 08:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Re:"
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I hate to agree with you on this, though it could be different.

It is really unfortunate: A mediocre and expensive filing system will be the standard for high capacity cards, when ameras, media players, tablets, phones and computers could all share a free, high performance filing system.

If Apple had any interest in external media, it could be pulled together. It need not even be a Linux original FS, it could be one of the FreeBSD filing systems which Apple already supports and are also supported by Linux kernel. It could be jointly marketed by mostly everybody that makes consumer electronics, be it cellphones, tablets, cameras or whatever.

Hardly anybody is using cards over 32GB yet, and that is probably because of the costs associated with licensing and porting Microsoft's FS for flash cards. If a new, free, Fs were introduced, it would not inconvenience users yet if new devices offered to reformat the cards.

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Flash file systems
by MA_Bravo on Wed 17th Apr 2013 15:52 in reply to "RE[3]: Re:"
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I'd like to see something like F2FS, or one of the other flash file systems specifically designed for the task, succeed. They could be freely licensed and used as an industry standard. That would solve both the business and the technical issues we're having right now.

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