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.NET (dotGNU too) Despite Microsoft's claims that its .Net platform is sprouting its own ecosystem and is undergoing substantial adoption in the industry, some say the adoption of open-source opportunities appear to outpace .Net.
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Except you are wrong again. Look at the numbers. Just because you wish something doesn't mean its true.

Last time I looked at the numbers, Microsoft increased their market share more than Linux in terms of money. In terms of shipped units Linux increased more than MS. The numbers of shipped units was calculated from sold units. I.e. all free downloads was not counted.

You are both wrong. The facts are this - MS's is increasing its server shipments in both units and money but this is less than the growth of the market. It is actually losing market share by a small amount. Proprietary Unix is losing market significantly. Linux is the only major operating system showing server market share increases (in both unit and money terms). On current trends it will not be untill 2012 that Linux exceeds Wimdows in terms of money (Servers from the major hardware companies shipping Linux preloaded). That's my reading of the latest IDC report on server trends.

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