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Google "Why did Google spend $12.5 billion to purchase Motorola Mobility? It's been nearly two years since the deal was announced and close to a full year since it closed, and the questions keep piling up while the answers keep getting worse. The biggest problem is that Motorola's patent portfolio doesn't appear to be worth anything close to what either company assumed: the judge in the Microsoft v. Motorola patent case ruled yesterday that Redmond owes a paltry $1.7 million in annual royalties for using Motorola's standards-related Wi-Fi and video-encoding patents in every Xbox 360 and Windows 7 PC sold, rather than the $4 billion Motorola had originally demanded."
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Comment by Nelson
by Nelson on Sun 28th Apr 2013 22:26 UTC
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This reminds me of the Samsung-Apple trial, where people on OSNews were so sure that Apple would lose that they had a hard time coming to grips with reality.

In this case, it is clear now as its always been that the Motorola deal was a desperate move by a company frustrated that Microsoft turned Android into one of their billion dollar revenue streams.

When people dared mention that the Moto deal and its patents were worthless when it came to defense, they were voted down. You had the familiar mouth breathers rejoicing at the thought of the end of Microsofts "protection racket". The actual result is quite amusing.

So Microsoft has gone ahead and started licensing ODMs in addition to OEMs for Android related patents, further strengthening their patent licensing program. Quite the opposite to what some claimed would happen.

We watched almost in real time as Google's FRAND foolery was dismantled by courts and the DOJ. Everyone serious knew that Motorola's $4bln demand would never stand. Except of course, the usual crowd of patent law experts at OSNews.

Reality is a stubborn thing.

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RE: Comment by Nelson
by zima on Sat 4th May 2013 21:25 in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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There's also how Google was possibly kinda blackmailed into buying Motorola (or at least to buy them at a higher price) - after all, in the weeks leading to the buyout announcement, Moto said it might go with patent suits after other Android vendors, and release some Windows Phone handsets.

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