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Windows Microsoft is making big promises about Longhorn and other product development, but will it deliver? InformationWeek spoke with company execs about initiatives in security, server operating systems, storage, convergence and more.
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RE: Longhorn is already a flop
by n4cer on Mon 18th Jul 2005 07:48 UTC in reply to "Longhorn is already a flop"
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No one has ever tested a beta release of Longhorn because there have been no beta releases. The beta has not started yet, and invitations for it were only sent out last week.

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RE[2]: Longhorn is already a flop
by fsck on Mon 18th Jul 2005 09:59 in reply to "RE: Longhorn is already a flop"
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I believe he meant the alpha builds that you can warez that everyone is referring to as betas. I'm a long time linux user (started on SuSE 5.2) and even I wouldnt try to compare an alpha grade product to XP - a product thats had two service packs and numerous patches.

Hell i wouldn't even compare longhorn pre-sp1 to XP of course its slow, unstable and mostly featureless it's an alpha os! Go try a linux distro made of 100% alpha software then come back and try to tell me it's stable because it sure as hell wont be and for good reason too.

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