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FreeBSD The clocks have fallen back, the leaves are hitting the ground and new BSD releases are on the Net. Among all the noise and buzz created by Linux, it's important to remember that it's not the only open source variant of Unix. OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD are all still very much alive and kicking and have recently been released from their respective projects.
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"They dont make hardware but perhaps the distinction between hardware and software is one you dont quite understand. "

Or perhaps you dont understand proper english or nuance. wait thats right , in your own failed world , an OS is going to work all by itself without any hardware.

"Rehashing the old bullshit traitor license conspiracy theory"

Its not old , its actually quite new , but it happen to be acurate , it aint a conspiracy either. Its the result of 35 years of use of BSD's

"There are plenty of new drivers but to know that you'd have to be literate."

What a great list of new drivers , I am impressed by your writting skills and the driver's you listed , those surely are not availaible already on GNU/Linux ...

"Happily taking it up the a$$ from IBM, eh?"

IBM is not the only company selling GNU/Linux , they dont even have there own distribution either. But hey your not even asking yourself why they aint distributing BSD's like they do GNU/Linux ...

"Quantity != quality."

I am talking about distribution/promotion to users ... But keep it a secret and only in the hands of the few who deserve it.

"Yeah, because *all* Linux distro's does this...."

Yes , what do you think local LUG'S are for ?

"No Linux distro does this ... "

We dont need to , our product sell by themself , if BSD's whas more secure ( it aint in reality ) it would cost less then GNU/Linux to insure at insurrance company.

"...or this."

We dont need to our Computer shipping with GNU/Linux have the lowest returns.

"Hey, that's one more great reason NOT to change license. Ever. "

Keep thinking that way ;-)

"Just give it up Moulinfool"

Its Moulinneuf , I see BSD still as its copy paste broken ...

" by now not even the hardcore Linux zealots pay any attention to you."

Novell as SUSE now Open source ...
The GPL is being revised ...
Open Source is kicking a lot of traitor license ...
etc ...

But hey : Its BSD Return !!! whouhouuuu.

Like the other one said Dont be a realistic Genius aka Dont be a Moulinneuf ;-)

I am Moulinneuf and my genetics are killing BSD's , the lord of hell said so ...

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"I am Moulinneuf and my genetics are killing BSD's , the lord of hell said so ..."

Ah, so the cat's out of the bag, you're an MS shill...

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I like how every time someone enjoys being a pest here, people starting suggesting they're paid shills of Microsoft. Moulinneuf doesn't just do this here, and he certainly doesn't do it for the benefit of Microsoft.

Just read a few posts from here:

After doing so, I feel strangely compelled to buy Microsoft products. Or not.

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