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Gnome "At the Tizen conference this week in San Francisco, Intel showed off an Intel Ultrabook running their next-generation Tizen 3.0 platform that's using a shell/desktop derived from GNOME 3.x."
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I can assure you that in Germany many are quite happy with the Google monopoly as you put it.

Google doesn't have a monopoly yet, thank God. You have to be idiotic to be happy with a monopoly btw. Are you sure you know what you're talking about ? A monopoly is illegal under US/EU laws ...

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You are the one that raised the ghost of monopoly and are yet to present a single reason why in the current market situation of operating systems anyone would pick Tizen over other Linux distributions or existing market leaders.

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I gave you 2 reasons but you seem to be deaf.

Regarding Google's monopoly: “We don’t like the fact that one part of the value chain of our business is tightly controlled,” Carlos Domingo, director of product development at Telefonica’s digital unit, said in an interview. “In the case of the emerging countries it’s worse, because it becomes a monopoly by Google.”
Some companies are not blind, luckily.

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I don't know about the US but a monopoly is not illegal under EU law. There are just certain laws to prevent a monopoly from being abused.

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It seems you don't know what you're talking about - monopolies are not illegal (and many are natural), abuses of monopolies are.

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