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Legal And yes, the PRISM scandal is far, far from over. More and more information keeps leaking out, and the more gets out, the worse it gets. The companies involved have sent out official statements - often by mouth of their CEOs - and what's interesting is that not only are these official statements eerily similar to each other, using the same terms clearly designed by lawyers, they also directly contradict new reports from The New York Times. So, who is lying?
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RE: How about this?
by gfg233 on Sat 8th Jun 2013 19:12 UTC in reply to "How about this?"
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Pretty strong words from Yonatan Zunger (sounds Israeli). I actually believe him but he may well have not been in the loop.

"Yonatan Zunger02:50+15

+M Monica +Matt Harmon I have my own suspicions -- which I won't go into here -- about what PRISM was actually about. I'll just say that there are ways to intercept people's Google, Facebook, etc., traffic in bulk without sticking any moles into the org -- or directly tapping their lines. You may find some interesting hints in the leaked PRISM slides, , especially the second and fourth ones shown there. The subtleties of phrasing are important, I suspect, not because they were trying to be elliptical but because they reveal what was obvious to the people who were giving that presentation. "

"Yonatan Zunger03:17+8

+Michael Comia The NYT article touches on a number of things which I can't comment about, but I'll say that in every such matter that I'm familiar with, ethical standards were upheld which I would not feel embarrassed about in the least if the entire details were to be made public. "

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