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Games Sony just won the console war for this generation. Not only is the PS4 going to be cheaper, Sony's CEO gloated on stage last night at E3 with the biggest possible grin as he detailed that all that nonsensical DRM crap that Microsoft is pulling, like blocking used games sales and stuff like that? Yeah, Sony's PS4 will have none of that. Sony even made an instructional video to explain how sharing games works.
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RE[2]: Damn you Sony!
by lucas_maximus on Tue 11th Jun 2013 22:42 UTC in reply to "RE: Damn you Sony!"
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Nobody fucking ever mentions Steam, which is the same fucking thing.

Guess what it hasn't hurt it.

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RE[3]: Damn you Sony!
by slashdev on Wed 12th Jun 2013 10:25 in reply to "RE[2]: Damn you Sony!"
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Nobody f--king ever mentions Steam, which is the same f--king thing.

Guess what it hasn't hurt it.

Steam is similar, but there are some stark differences:
Steam has competition
-There will be none on the Xbox One

Steam doesnt own the platform
-My PC is my own, I didnt pay Steam $499 for the right to use my PC

Steam has offline mode
-Xbox one will require a callback every 24 hours or your games will be disabled

Steam's online match making is free
-Xbox one is $50/year (so far)

Steam Games has a track record of lowering prices far below retail within months
-Xbox live Games on Demand does not, there are still way to many full games that track retail disc based pricing (some years after release). One funny example is there are games that have PC releases...and on steam they are 80%+ cheaper than the Games On Demand version

Now there are some things that are actually BETTER than Steam:
Microsoft will allow up to 10 people to play your games simultaneously.
-Steam only allows one person per account

Microsoft will allow said 10 people to play on any xbox simultaneously
-Steam allows only one person, on one single PC at a time

Microsoft will allow you to trade/sell games (publishers may charge a fee)
-Steam has never had this option, though some have had success selling their entire accounts off

Microsoft will let you add traded or USED games
-Steam no such luck

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