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Games Sony just won the console war for this generation. Not only is the PS4 going to be cheaper, Sony's CEO gloated on stage last night at E3 with the biggest possible grin as he detailed that all that nonsensical DRM crap that Microsoft is pulling, like blocking used games sales and stuff like that? Yeah, Sony's PS4 will have none of that. Sony even made an instructional video to explain how sharing games works.
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You know
by deathshadow on Thu 13th Jun 2013 03:24 UTC
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It often seems to be like Microsoft intentionally tries to "throw the race" -- kind of like the last US presidential election where I've never seen two political parties try so hard to lose the presidency.

First Windows 8 being a giant middle finger to Desktop users with the bleeding edge of 1997 AOL Games design style, and now micro-managing themselves right out of the games market with something that has XBox fanboys in a froth long before it's even released.

Kudos to Sony for putting out a video that's a genuine kick in the crotch to Microsoft.

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