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Games Pretty cool stuff: the PlayStation 4 apparently runs on a version of FreeBSD 9.0 modified by Sony and renamed to 'Orbis OS'. Second generation developer kits use GNU GRUB to boot, and allow you to boot into a graphical or a console mode. Not much else is known at this point, but it's a fun bit of information, and perhaps a boon to homebrew developer and hackers.
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RE: I don't get it....
by WereCatf on Mon 24th Jun 2013 19:37 UTC in reply to "I don't get it...."
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If you make code and you decide "Hey maybe someone would like this and I really don't give a crap what becomes of it" then BSD.

I cannot agree with that statement. Choosing the BSD-license is not about not caring what's done with it, it's quite the contrary: you DO care about what's done with it so much that you do not want to impose any restrictions on it whatsoever.

If you're more of the opinion that "Hey, I want to give this away, but I want to see where people take it." then GPL.

Even that seems... off. I see GPL as being all about ensuring the survival of the code.

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