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Games Pretty cool stuff: the PlayStation 4 apparently runs on a version of FreeBSD 9.0 modified by Sony and renamed to 'Orbis OS'. Second generation developer kits use GNU GRUB to boot, and allow you to boot into a graphical or a console mode. Not much else is known at this point, but it's a fun bit of information, and perhaps a boon to homebrew developer and hackers.
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RE: Remember the PS3 ...
by Yoko_T on Tue 25th Jun 2013 23:27 UTC in reply to "Remember the PS3 ..."
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We all remember the PS3, right? How Sony sold it as a "computer", then crippled the feature with an update? Will anyone be foolish enough to trust Sony on this again?

Is there anyone dumb enough other than the losers in the BSD Crowd who thinks you'll actually be able to *DO* anything with this thing?

Sony is going to *KILL* any 3rd software that trys to run on this thing like DNLA servers and the like. You can also forget about about 3rd party video players and the like which won't comply with Sony's copy protection schemes.

This thing is going to be just an overpriced version of the FreeAgent Theater+ and The WD Live products which really can't be effectively modded either because of their crippled hardware

Let the buyer beware.

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