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Editorial Like many of you, I've been watching the big changes in user interfaces over the past few years, trying to make sense of them all. Is there a common explanation for the controversies surrounding the Windows 8 UI and Unity? Where do GNOME 3, KDE, Cinnamon, and MATE fit in? This article offers one view.
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RE: Comment by linux-lover
by Soulbender on Wed 3rd Jul 2013 18:14 UTC in reply to "Comment by linux-lover"
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Allan Day comes off as a real jerk.

I don't think he comes off as a jerk at all. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says but he sure isn't a jerk.
Design is not necessarily about giving people unlimited choices and customizations. Apparently the gnome3 design ethos is to provide a consistent and recognizable interface at the expense of customization. That's fine, it's a design choice. They want to focus on on making GNOME3 instantly recognizable and giving it a unique look (or brand, if you will). That certainly makes a lot of sense from some perspectives.

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But do they have to hamper customization? Every shell theme is broken every 6 months with a new release. Sometimes even going from 3.6.0 -> 3.6.1 can break a theme. Gnome doesn't care, and I find it quite annoying.

Maybe I'm just no longer the target demographic since they seem to be focusing on new users, but I don't think much of gnome's target demographic uses Linux.

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