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Qt Qt 5.1 has been released. It brings several enhancements, Qt Quick Controls, Qt Sensors, a much better C++11, Wayland and OpenGL support, and the development of Android and iOS applications is very usable for a large number of use cases. In related news, the LXDE desktop prepares the change to Qt.
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LXDE is increasingly awesome
by pepa on Sat 6th Jul 2013 17:34 UTC
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Just like to highlight that LXDE is awesome in its usability and now also in its flexibility. If they would just integrate a 'view timezones' applet, it would be feature-complete for my use. (For now, gsimplecal works -- but I'd like a Qt equivalent as well.)

Note that LXDE-Qt is now on Qt4, but apparently the porting to Qt4.1 should be relatively easy (they're skipping Qt5.0 for ease-of-porting reasons). That makes the release of Qt5.1 double-plus-good to me!

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