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Windows "Windows 8.1 RTM will be available for OEM partners in late August. This means OEMs will be able to get the RTM bits and begin preparing devices with Windows 8.1 just in time for the holidays! We’ll have more details to share in the coming months for consumers and other customers on how to get Windows 8.1." So far, Windows 8.1 has been a massive improvement over Windows 8 on my Surface RT - except for the total system crashes (including shrieking sounds) Skype causes a few times per week.
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RE[8]: Comment by lucas_maximus
by Nelson on Tue 9th Jul 2013 02:42 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by lucas_maximus"
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I'm not familiar with Web Folders, but its basically deeply integrated into Explorer. Its the old "Desktop SkyDrive" sync client on steroids.

So they've gone ahead and unified the Desktop and Metro side of things in that they're more cohesive. Metro gets syncing of files rather than just browsing and downloading. There's a twist though.

They use reparse points in the FS to download only metadata from SkyDrive (enabling content to show up in Explorer/Searches/whatever) and only download the actual file on demand. This removes the tedious management of selective sync or the wasteful data usage of full sync.

In a nutshell its now this seamless things. Applications (even Win32 ones) can be pointed to locations in the cloud and be none the wiser. Its all uniform.

Re: competing providers I don't see why they couldn't do something similar.

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Webfolders were a windows 98 feature that used an extension to HTTP. I think it required that the server also have support turned on for webdav. In any case it was pretty terrible. If everything worked perfectly, you could access your files in windows explorer. However, back in 1998 web speeds were pretty slow and not as reliable. Most of the time it would just lock up my computer. I think they kept support for it through windows xp and vista, but didn't promote it as much or call it webfolders. I think it was just something generic you could add to "Network places". I never tried it outside of windows 98.

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