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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I wrote this almost exactly three years ago, to much debate:

Sure, Apple will most likely still make far more money per sold iPhone device than competitors will per Android phone, but the trend is clear: as much as I love my iPhone, it will be relegated to a ~10% market share figure within a few quarters.

It took a little longer than "a few quarters", but here we are. Android has revolutionised the smartphone market. I'm not particularly happy about that (both Android and Samsung are far too dominant, which is bad for the market and thus for consumers), but there it is.

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RE[2]: Channel stuffing
by ezraz on Thu 8th Aug 2013 17:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Channel stuffing"
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lookout boys is right.

giving free phones to people without credit cards is different than selling an iPhone to an employed person, who then buys more and downloads more than the first user of the donation phone.

worldwide marketshare is not accurate. there is no worldwide market so there is no worldwide market share. the phones, the margins, and the market itself are all very differerent.

i'm just up here letting you know that if you think android *has* 90% of the smart phone market like microsoft *had* 90% of the desktop market in the 90's you are very mistaken. apple has nearly 90% of the profit, and that's why we play this game boys.

android is a platform that makes no money and because of that could go away quickly. i am not anti-android, i love linux, i'm just calling it like i see it. apple is playing the long game in moble, android is the clone knockoff where the margins are tiny and the design is copy cat.

hey how about an android phone that doesn't look like an iphone from 5 feet away? if there is so much choice in the market why do all of them look like big dumb plastic iphones?

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