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While Microsoft's latest Windows Phone 8 update is slowly rolling out to existing handsets, the company is prepping new changes that will be made available by the end of the year. Sources familiar with Microsoft's Windows Phone plans have revealed to The Verge that the software maker is currently testing a General Distribution 3 (GDR3) update. The update is designed for new hardware initially, and will provide a rotation lock feature, UI changes to Live Tiles, and a driving mode option that's designed for in-car use.

Apple and Google are surely shaking in their boots.

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No it isnt
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Maybe the Lumia 920 just sucks then. It's never 60 fps.

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Nelson Member since:

It may be the device. For example last year when I got an L900 the scrolling was off. It was smooth just kind of jittery and low-FPS. Meanwhile my L800 which I previously had was smooth and high frame rate.

I haven't owned a 920 since March but I don't remember it having the same problem. My 8X doesn't either so it may just be a one off thing or some sort of firmware bug in the OS.

Hard to say though.

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Nah, we're actually both right. It's either 60 or 30 fps depending on usage. When flicking it quickly and removing my finger, the remaining movement is smooth, whereas it's jerky when moving it at my own pace with my finger.

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