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Android tablets browsing share is still relatively low in Europe, but very strong in Asia. Despite the iPad's head start in the market, Android's tablet browsing share has nearly matched the iPad in Asia. More importantly, the overall trend is sharply in favor of Android tablets, which supports the strong shipment performance over the past few quarters.

Good analysis. Sameer Singh compares the growth trend of Android tablets to that of Android smartphones in the past, and it shows that Android tablet usage is actually growing faster than Android smartphone usage did in the past.

At this point, nothing seems to be able to stop Android's total and utter dominance. Not Apple, not Microsoft. Scary.

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There is one Company who could change this
by Rooki on Sun 11th Aug 2013 02:24 UTC
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Samsung. If they move of Android things could look rather different.

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I've said that very thing before and been shot down in flames.
I get the distinct feeling that Samsung look at the iOS ecosystem with some admiration.
Samsung make a bit of money on the sale of the device and that's it. Apple sell the device and for a good percentage if not a majority of users they also make money after the sale from iTunes and the Appstore.

I am sure Samsung are saying to themselves 'If Apple can do this why can't we?'. They are also looking at the issues that MS is having with their devices and ecosystem.

So if Samsung move, they will want to take their user base with them.
My thoughts are along the lines of
- change the O/S to one we can control
- Leave the user experience alone for the time being.
- Change the userland stuff over time

The 2nd point would be to let Android apps still work.

The downside to all this is that Samsing would have to fund continuious development of the OS and support but Apple can do it so why can't a company the size of Samsung do it as well?

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Samsung already has an Operating System they can use and which they control.. Tizen and they've already made it pretty clear they intend to use it everywhere from phones, tablets, smart TVs, media players, etc.

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