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Linux The Elementary OS team has released their latest offering, Luna, which has been in development for a while now. Based on Ubuntu, this Linux distribution aims to develop its own minimalist applications, but it goes beyond that - it has its own desktop environment, window manager, human interface guidelines, APIs, and more. There's an article on their blog detailing the road to Luna.

They've managed to build quite some hype, so let's see if it lives up to it. Does anyone here use it?

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It is the norm to use the minimize button, that is my point, they have removed that yet kept the function there because they claim close and minimize are too confusing for people.

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I understand. Thank you.

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They are confusing to people who have not used a typical gui on a computer.

Most people have figured out guis on computers, and thus are not confused anymore. If they haven't, they have to learn how they work for most systems ( with a minimize button), as thats how they work on the vast majority of computers. As someone that taught users that had never seen a computer before, this is quite the problem. I really wanted to teach them FOSS software as its free ( in cost ), but everywhere else they go in life they'd be working with windows ( pirated windows). So you can't do things better, if they're never going to have the opportunity to use the better solution the rest of their lives.

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The Mac "close button doesn't close app" thing pissed me off the first time I had to deal with it, but I grew to love it because it streamlined my workflow and saved my ass a couple of times.

I do think Elementary should make it easier to add a minimize button for the masses, but I don't miss it. I'm more of an alt+tab-er than a minimizer; in fact I'm more at home at the keyboard than the mouse owing to my first 12 or so years of computing at a command prompt. I didn't use a GUI on a regular basis until around 1994.

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