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A couple nights ago I was looking over the UEFI spec, and I realized it shouldn't be too hard to write UEFI applications in Rust. It turns out, you can, and here I will tell you how.

Language gets me giddy, but thank god lots of other people get giddy over stuff like this.

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RE: UEFI using UTF-16
by saso on Wed 20th Nov 2013 13:40 UTC in reply to "UEFI using UTF-16"
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Thanks, Microsoft, you pushed for that, now we'll have another 20+ years of legacy UTF-16 strings

It's actually worse, because it's not even UTF. It's just stupid UCS-2 limited to 16 bits. So it's a mistake on top of a mistake.
The UEFI code signing structures are also MS-derived, to the point where the structure members start with 'win'.

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