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OS/2 and eComStation

It was now 1984, and IBM had a different problem: DOS was pretty much still a quick and dirty hack. The only real new thing that had been added to it was directory support so that files could be organized a bit better on the IBM PC/AT’s new hard disk. And thanks to the deal that IBM signed in 1980, the cloners could get the exact same copy of DOS and run exactly the same software. IBM needed to design a brand new operating system to differentiate the company from the clones. Committees were formed and meetings were held, and the new operating system was graced with a name: OS/2.

Fantastic article at Ars Technica about the rise and demise of IBM's OS/2. OS/2 is one of those big 'what-ifs' of the technology world, along the lines of 'what if Apple had purchased Be instead of NEXT' or 'what if Nokia had opted for Android' (sorry). Our technology world could've been a lot different had OS/2 won over Windows 3.x/95.

I reviewed OS/2 as it exists today (eComStation) six years ago.

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RE[2]: There's already a rebuttal
by ronaldst on Tue 26th Nov 2013 20:16 UTC in reply to "RE: There's already a rebuttal"
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I just read that so-called rebuttal, and, well, I only see him arguing with things because he either didn't read the article well-enough or he simply has a different opinion about something.
What can I say. (Ex)OS/2 users can get very emotional. There's a lot of bitterness still out there.

Also it feels like I've read the same story from the same author. Déjà vu.

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(Ex)OS/2 users can get very emotional. There's a lot of bitterness still out there.

In a sense they're like the Amigans of the x86 world. It's fascinating the irrational emotional reactions people have to technologies which were mainly out of their scope of control or creation.

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maybe this bring some lights on Jeremys article ;)

"Writing is a funny thing.

As a young nerd, I was fascinated by personal computers and operating systems, and became a huge advocate of a funny operating system called OS/2. I spent a lot of time arguing about its merits on Usenet forums like comp.os.os2.advocacy. I moved on to Windows 95 when it was released, but always had a soft spot in my heart for IBM’s failed OS.

Twenty years later, I felt like the need to tell the story was welling up inside me until I was about to burst. I wrote the entire first draft in two days. Today, the article has been published on Ars Technica.

So did I take 20 years to write it, or two days? I guess it depends on your point of view. But I’m glad I wrote it."

Posted by: Jeremy Reimer

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