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Valve's official Steam Machine prototype isn't cheap, but it won't be the only Steam-powered video-game console available come 2014. This morning, iBuyPower revealed a prototype of its own upcoming Steam Machine, which will go on sale for just $499 next year. For the price of an Xbox One, the computer will offer a multicore AMD CPU and a discrete AMD Radeon R9 270 graphics card - that's a $180 GPU all by itself - and come with Valve's Steam Controller as part of the package deal.

That's an absolute steal. This is exactly what Valve is betting on: for the same price, an x86 SteamBox will be more powerful than the new consoles. with SteamOS, it has all the convenience of a console, too. With the launch titles for the two new consoles being total and utter garbage, the argument "but SteamOS has no games!" is moot.

I can't wait until CES coming January when Valve will unveil its publishing partners. That's the make-or-break moment. If SteamOS will get all the same major titles as the consoles, why on earth would anyone want a limited, locked-down, proprietary, slower console?

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by ezraz on Tue 26th Nov 2013 21:04 UTC
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Reason 1 - My PS2 has sat under a TV, outlived 4 of them, sucking in dust, and running for over 12 years now. Millions of hours of entertainment without a single hardware issue or upgrade. It will fire up right now with no OS upgrade needed. That's very rare for digital devices and I don't want to buy another one for another 12 years. No Xbox overheating fear in my house, I have an old house, I don't need more fire worries.

Reason 2 - I don't really care about whatever the hottest shooter ultraviolent game is, I can't stand them. In fact the only games I can stand are sports games and puzzles, or innovative indie style games, and PS has plenty of those. I probably buy a game a year at most, so I'm far more interested in the quality and depth of the games, not the popularity. Bad music is popular too but I don't need it.

Reason 3 - I work on a computer all day, when I get the living room to myself for some gaming I don't want to be on the computer. A computer to me is already for working, socializing, producing media, communications, research, and my personal data - I don't want any of that in my gaming world. Gaming world for me is to get away.

So for those three reasons, I'll be taking home a nice new PS4 with 2-3 games (madden 25, nba 2k13, maybe FIFA or GTA) and installing the PS4 into it's rightful spot where the PS2 lives, because that PS2 was probably the most entertaining and reliable thing I've ever purchased for $300.

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