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2013 was nothing less than a blockbuster success for Windows Phone, which went from industry also-ran to the undisputed third mobile ecosystem, and is poised to challenge iPhone for the number two spot. You didn't think it could get this good? That's OK, neither did I.

Windows Phone seemingly turns a corner with every new application, small operating system update, and new Nokia Lumia. It's turning so many corners it's running in circles.

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Turning the corner
by WorknMan on Wed 18th Dec 2013 18:04 UTC
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I don't think things are really going to take off for Windows phone until Microsoft has WP and Windows RT running the same apps, something that should've happened when Windows 8 first launched.

Personally, I'd be excited over the prospect of being able to run the same apps on phone, tablet, and desktop. Not like I'd do any 'heavy lifting' on the desktop with phone/tablet apps, but if I could do some data entry on those and then sync with Skydrive? That would rock.

With Android, I might be lucky enough to get some web app to use on the desktop, but sometimes not. And even if I do, it's a crapshoot whether there will be an accompanying browser extension to get notifications on the desktop. So at best, I always have to have a browser running in the background, and probably Chrome, which I don't use day-to-day anyway. (I prefer Firefox.) One thing that Metro is good at is running stuff in the background, as opposed to a bloated Win32 app always running in the task tray.

And, let's face it... there are some tablet apps where there are simply no decent desktop alternatives. For example, several good choices for podcatchers on Android, but none for Windows. (And anyone who says 'iTunes' or 'Zune' is getting stabbed in the eye ;) )

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