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OSNews, Generic OSes OSv is a cloud-based operating system with build images for Xen, KVM, Amazon web services and VMware coming up. It is written from scratch, "designed from the ground up to execute a single application on top of a hypervisor, resulting in superior performance and effortless management". ran an interview with some of the developers behind OSv.

The operating system will be optimized for Java applications "by exposing OS internals and direct access for page tables, scheduling decisions and the raw IO layer". It will not be restricted to only Java applications though and will run JavaScript, Scala, Clojure, JRuby, Jython and more on JVM. Surprisingly, C is also supported.

OSv promises "Zero OS management" with "no need for administration, template management, configuration and tuning". Common Java framework integration consists of "frameworks such as Tomcat, JBoss, SpringSource [...]. Common open source technologies such as Hadoop and NoSQL are being optimized and integrated to run on top of OSv."

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Like it
by Gadrel on Wed 15th Jan 2014 04:31 UTC
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On my list of things to play with - thanks!

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RE: Like it
by allanregistos on Wed 15th Jan 2014 05:37 in reply to "Like it"
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On my list of things to play with - thanks!

From the article:
The reason is any application written for the Java VM is automatically compatible with OSv.

So it must run Android apps on it.

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RE[2]: Like it
by phoenix on Wed 15th Jan 2014 06:17 in reply to "RE: Like it"
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Android apps do not run on a Java VM. You can't take an Android app and run it on a standard Oracle Java VM. Doesn't work.

Android apps are written in Java, but they aren't compiled to Java bytecode and won't run on standard JVMs.

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