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Microsoft is trying to convince politicians to take out targeted ads on Xbox Live, Skype, MSN and other company platforms as midterm elections begin heating up around the country. To plug the idea, Microsoft officials handed out promotional materials Thursday at CPAC, the annual conference for conservatives.

It's the latest move by tech companies to seize a piece of the lucrative political ad market. The ads, which would appear on the Xbox Live dashboard and other Microsoft products, combine Microsoft user IDs and other public data to build a profile of Xbox users. Campaigns can then blast ads to selected demographic categories, or to specific congressional districts. And if the campaign brings its own list of voter e-mail addresses, Microsoft can match the additional data with individual customer accounts for even more accurate voter targeting.

This from the company behind "Scroogled".

On a more general note, hypocrite company behaviour like this should be illegal. A company should not be able to say "leave company Abc behind because they do xyz, and come join us!", only to then turn around and do xyz as well. This is lying, and should be punishable in some way.

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RE: Best reason yet to avoid xbox.
by saso on Sat 8th Mar 2014 07:48 UTC in reply to "Best reason yet to avoid xbox. "
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In the European countries where I've lived I've yet to see the kind of aggressive smear job kind of ads that run regularly in the US. Here it's generally considered very poor manners to badmouth your opponents in ads. You can certainly point out what you consider poor moves by your opposition in debates, but ads are rarely used to anything but tooting your own horn. The only thing people here do when they see an ad badmouthing somebody is ask what corpses the speaker must have in *their* basement - after all, if you can only succeed by talking smack about your opposition, you probably don't have many ideas to improve things anyway.

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Well, you Brits are special and are you even part of Europe? ;)
That said, I'm pretty sure smear campaigns aren't rare in, say, Italy. They're pretty rare in Scandinavia though.

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