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The U.S. National Security Agency knew for at least two years about a flaw in the way that many websites send sensitive information, now dubbed the Heartbleed bug, and regularly used it to gather critical intelligence, two people familiar with the matter said.

The NSA's decision to keep the bug secret in pursuit of national security interests threatens to renew the rancorous debate over the role of the government’s top computer experts.

I'm so surprised.

Update: NSA denies.

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Look at the bright side
by UglyKidBill on Fri 11th Apr 2014 21:26 UTC
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Hey! Look at the bright side!!

Now we can surf any dark russian, far-east, chinese, whaterver, site and run any unholy w4r3z we want...

I mean, after all, it turns out we wouldn't be risking getting powned much more that using "legit" GMail or MS Office.

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