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Linux "As you already know, if I have to sit down in front of a computer, I want it to be running the Gnome desktop on Linux. I've watched it mature from a downright ugly, needlessly complex playground for geeks, to an attractive, simple interface that holds its own against commercial alternatives. And yet, every day I still encounter rough edges that make me think there aren't nearly enough folks out there hacking away at this stuff. I'd like to watch." Read more at PCWorld. Warning: While some of the author's gripes can be fixed by installing third party applications or plugins, or by tweaking Alsa etc, the point remains that his default distribution and/or Gnome did not come with these conveniences by default. Most people don't like tweaking stuff, they want things that "just work".
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I've got a complaint or two
by mikesum32 on Fri 11th Nov 2005 21:42 UTC
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I don't know if I should blame GNOME or Suse but...

I try to drag a movie file to gmplayer, but it just slides right back where it was. Then sometime later I notice the "selected ghost" of the file sliding across my screen, like and echo or looped film. Weird.

Xine works and actually opens the movie file.

I moved that top menu to the bottom and made it like a start menu in Windows, but sometimes it jumps up to the top again and I have to close programs so I can make a blank space to drag it back down again. I'll have to find out what is causing this.

When I downoaded a wine .90 rpm and clicked on it yast (or whatever yast uses) installed the outdated version from my install disc. Now that's just silly.


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RE: I've got a complaint or two
by ma_d on Fri 11th Nov 2005 22:10 in reply to "I've got a complaint or two"
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Blame gmplayer.
Blame yast (blame suse for yast, blame novell for not fixing it yet).
Blame yourself for not looking this up:
rpm -ihv wine.rpm

I've never seen drag and drop work flawlessly on any system. I think it's something that's fairly young and unperfected on platforms. Don't get more wrong, a lot of systems have great support for it; but you can tell the spots where they didn't quite get it all.
On *nix, last I checked, kde and gnome don't interoperate at all on D&D. But they will play D&D for you, and they're very good at it!

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John Blink Member since:

MPlayerOSX does exactly the same thing. The movie just slides back.

You have to actually drop it on the playlist.

I believe Mplayer is one of the best players for playback, I love the keyboard commands while playback. But all the different UI's built on top of it haven't really progressed. It is like development is at a stand still. But I guess that is not true.

Man I wish I could code better, but I am very forgetful.

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