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Microsoft may have demonstrated its new Start menu earlier this year, but thanks to a recent "Windows 9" leak we're now seeing every single part of the company’s plans for bringing back this popular feature. German site WinFuture has posted a two-minute video that demonstrates how the Start menu works in the next major release of Windows. As you'd expect, it's very similar to what Microsoft demonstrated with traditional apps mixing with modern apps (and their Live Tiles) into a familiar Start menu.

It boggles my mind why Microsoft doesn't just remove Metro from the desktop altogether. Is there anyone who wants to run those comically large touch-optimised applications in windows on their desktop? Why not restrict Metro to where it belongs, i.e., mobile? Why all this extra work?

It just doesn't seem to make any sense.

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RE: eeww
by Hiev on Fri 12th Sep 2014 23:02 UTC in reply to "eeww"
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Interesting, what would you recomment then.

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RE[2]: eeww
by GrapeGraphics on Fri 12th Sep 2014 23:35 in reply to "RE: eeww"
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A bit better design, more thought put into using BOTH curser and touch. They've got tons of engineers and designers at their beck-n-call, ya think they could do something 'different.'

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RE[3]: eeww
by moondevil on Sun 14th Sep 2014 08:00 in reply to "RE[2]: eeww"
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Yes, but like in any organization they get to do what management says.

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