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I missed this one last week, so just pretend it's 17 September. AnandTech's in-depth review of iOS 8, probably the best one you'll read online. They conclude:

Despite my concerns, iOS 8 makes me feel excited for the future more than anything else. Apple's steps to open up more options for customization by developers and users on iOS marks a significant departure from their previous releases. It's not Android but it isn't meant to be. It brings new features and capabilities that are implemented in a very Apple-like manner, for better or for worse. I don't think it's going to do much to sway Android fans toward iOS, but it gives a lot of reason for current iOS users to stay with Apple. This is especially true for users who can take advantage of continuity. iOS 8 feels like another step in the maturation that began with iOS 7. Most exciting of all is that it's still only the beginning.

Like I said before: consolidation.

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I think visitors to this site think Android users pick Android for the same reasons they do. That simply isn't the case in my opinion.

Android got big amongst the majority of consumers for two reasons:

1) Android phones were initially available on more major carriers than iPhones

2) Consumers wanted bigger screens regardless of ergonomics issues and Apple under-estimated that

Both of these issues are no longer a factor and while its true that many people like characteristics exclusive to Android phones, iPhones are not without their own unique characteristics that are equally if not more compelling.

I predict that we will see a steady, absolute and genuine migration to iOS and iPhones and away from Android going forward.

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I predict that we will see a steady, absolute and genuine migration to iOS and iPhones and away from Android going forward.

And I imagine you don't live in Europe, where most of us use pre-paid mobiles and live in countries where an iPhone off-contract costs twice of the average salary.

Only at the reach of the society upper classes, as those are the ones able to pay the contracts bound to iPhones.

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This demonstrates that a sizable demographic is settling for 2nd best as the iPhone is generally preferred otherwise.

Regardless, the transition has already started. Research firm Kantar Worldpanel released a report finding that Apple has regained share in markets such as Europe, Japan and Australia... all regions where pre-paid mobiles are more common.

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s/Europe/Anywhere that isn't the USA/g

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1) wasn't really true among most carriers outside the US

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