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During an emotional speech delivered today at the Slush conference, Jolla's Marc Dillon unveiled the company's next product: the Jolla tablet, running Sailfish OS 2.0. He launched a crowdfunding campaign for the tablet, with a goal of $380,000 - which was achieved in less than three hours (this may be one of the fastest funding consumer electronics devices ever). I got in early, and was one of the very first people to back the tablet (just as I was one of the first to back the Jolla phone a year ago). A second round has already been announced. Big news for American readers: it'll be available in the US too.

The tablet itself is very similar in specifications to Nokia's N1 tablet, with an 1.8GHz quad-core Intel processor, 2GB RAM, 2048x1536 330ppi 7.85" IPS display, 32GB storage, and all the usual sensors and ports you have come to expect. It's quite light and compact, and has its own design - there's no way people are going to twist this one into an iPad copy.

The tablet is expected to be delivered to us early backers in May 2015, and I can't wait. Also, Mr. Dillon, keep rocking that beard.

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RE[2]: Nice, but not Open Source
by kragil on Thu 20th Nov 2014 11:39 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice, but not Open Source"
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Oh, they call their OS open source nearly from the start and they say they will open it up for exactly that long. It just didn't happen a lot in the last 18 months.

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shmerl Member since:

A few things so far. They opened their UI for the browser and social plugins for example:


It's way too little and way too slow to my taste, but according to developers they plan to open the whole thing. No idea how long it can take though.

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