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Hewlett-Packard will take a big step toward shaking up its own troubled business and the entire computing industry next year when it releases an operating system for an exotic new computer.

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Cool but...
by hibridmatthias on Mon 22nd Dec 2014 16:55 UTC
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I think it is great to see HP innovating. But the "new operating system" thing I don't see happening.

The article/communique talks of using Linux++ and then introducing a whole new OS. While I can see using Linux++ for initial implementation (i. e. faster time to implementation, the resources required to roll out) implementing a new OS if people have already invested in something that actually works seems to be thermodynamically prohibitive from an intuitive standpoint. History seems to reflect that there is a huge activation energy to creating and implementing a new OS, especially if there is already one entrenched. Thoughts?

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RE: Cool but...
by TheLowjitterScheme on Tue 23rd Dec 2014 12:23 in reply to "Cool but..."
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I submitted this to "OSnews". They didnĀ“t post it, and a user voted it down:

That is how it has always been on OSnews. All the way back to when it was BeOSNews, with favorite qoute being Jean-Louis Gasse talking about his stiff nipples.

That is a real view on operating systems. Far above the level of these fanbois.

What can one say, other than that the internet has become a sectarian place, with little regard for real facts, just like any sect.

And in one article, an acidhead is a lone programmer "of God", and ridiculed, while Eugenia Loli of BeOSNews/OSNews is known for hallucinogenic art, just as schizophrenic. That is why communication is so difficult with them.

Looking for the next revolution, they will never win. Thors hammer, or the psychiatric pill will not help them. Or indeed a phallos-object.

Plain and dry facts, is what this is about. Which they ignore and do not post ;)

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by TheLowjitterScheme on Tue 23rd Dec 2014 13:16 in reply to "RE: Cool but..."
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"Watch the revolution of SchizoNerd, King of the talking hammer, does the magic penis-pulling trick he learned by tripping!" probably rather should be the tagline here, and plenty of places. And then we also know schizophrenia is a very very common disorder, from what we see online. And the apparatus that claims to help it, is ofcourse just another "Thors Hammer". Maybe the most correct of it is "cognitive therapy". Learn to recognize what is, rather than fantasies.

For instance John Lennon said he thought an elevator light was a fire. That is an elevator light. Etc. As to true religious experience, that has nothing to do with hallucinogenic drugs.

Schizoprenia is closely related to belief in several gods, and that is what synasthesia must induce aswell.

"God has no partner in others".


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