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Recent changes to the rules phone makers need to follow to get a Google approved version of Android have allowed for certain apps to no longer be mandatory. Google Play Games, Google Play Books, Google+ and Google Newsstand now join the ranks with Google Earth and Google Keep as apps that aren't a required part of the Google applications package. They are still in the Play Store, are still regularly updated and will work just as well for those of us who want them. And this is how things ought to be. In fact, we'd like to see even more Google apps get sent packing, but still be there in the Play store for those who want them.

Good. The less crapware - even stock crapware - on our phones, the better. I hope Apple follows in Google's footsteps, because iOS is accumulating a seizable amount of crapware too.

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by kaiwai on Thu 20th Aug 2015 18:27 UTC
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What I think is horrible are the number of duplicate applications that are installed with Samsung probably being the worst offender. It reminds me of the bad old days of Linux distributions where it seemed as though 3 of each were installed (it has gotten much better recently especially with the single live cd installs). That being said, the pre-installed applications aren't necessarily the problem but the lack of being able to uninstall these bundled applications which result in gigabytes worth of storage being sucked up needlessly. When it comes to iOS though I am hoping that with iOS 9, bytecode and other moves towards slimming down code it should mean Apple can deduplicate their application packages as to avoid having duplication of assets when only one set is actually required and the move to 64bitness should hopefully also mean that 32bit support can be stripped out of iOS devices that have 64bit CPU's.

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