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The Pebble Time Kickstarter project brought more than just color, voice, and ergonomic design to our family of smartwatches. The campaign also introduced a focused and delightful new operating system with Pebble Firmware 3.0. Featuring the timeline interface to organize your past, present, and future, 3.0 is all about delivering the best ways to get things done from your wrist.

During the campaign, we promised to bring support for Pebble Time's 3.0 operating system to the rest of our lineup as well. We're happy to announce that timeline, unlimited apps, and more are on their way to Pebble Classic and Pebble Steel this month.

I'm still not entirely used to watches being a playground for operating systems now.

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Funny, I live by my Pebble and my Apple watch. Lots of hate on smartwatches, but they do some very useful things, particularly if your not someone who sits on their ass in front of a computer all day.

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And yet they do nothing that you can't already do with the smart phone in your pocket. In fact, none of them currently on the market can do anything without a smart phone to pair it with. That means they are redundant devices still looking for a way to make themselves useful, and failing miserably outside of those willing to sink the hundreds of dollars into a device they already have in their pocket or purse to begin with. Just because someone is lazy and don't want to take your phone out of your pocket or purse doesn't make it a useful device.

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Try taking your phone out of your pocket when you're driving. Or having your phone wake you at 4AM without waking your spouse. Or try skipping tracks when you're running on a treadmill without dropping your phone. Try to read a text message without disrupting a meeting. These are useful functions, and to me, they justify the cost - particularly in the case of the pebble.

I've always worn a watch, so I see the addition of these functions to a device I've used forever as a major improvement.

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