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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The first preview release of (K)Ubuntu 6.04 Dapper Drake has been released. You can download Ubuntu here, and Kubuntu here. Screenshots can be found here and here.
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RE[6]: meh
by on Sat 19th Nov 2005 20:34 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: meh"

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"From what I see is that almost all the big sellers, Mandrake, Redhat (Even though they use blue curve) Xandros, Linspire etc use KDE by default."

Mandrake had to file for bankruptcy
Red Hat is a heavy GNOME backer
Xandros has never paid back a $750,000 loan
Linspire has never posted a profit

"Who changed their minds real quick on making Gnome the default UI"

SLES/NLD are both still going to default to GNOME.

"And Novell was just thinking about costs cause they own Gnome"

Novell does not own GNOME.

'Windows Sucks' your an idiot.

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RE[7]: meh
by Windows Sucks on Sat 19th Nov 2005 20:41 in reply to "RE[6]: meh"
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First of all Mandrake is out of Bankruptcy and has made a profit!

Xandros may not have paid back a loan but they have also made a profit!

On top of that YOU have no clue if Linspire has made a profit or not because Linspire is a private company and does not post its earnings!

I am a major user of SLES 9 and if you do the default install it defaults to KDE not Gnome!

And DUH if you paid attention before you ran your mouth (And then had the nerve to post as anonymous!) Novell bought Ximian the company that Gnome was under and Miguel de Icaza the co creator of Gnome works for Novell!

Read a little before you run your mouth. LOL!

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RE[8]: meh
by thebluesgnr on Sat 19th Nov 2005 21:15 in reply to "RE[7]: meh"
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Hundreds of people from all over the world are copyright (copyleft) owners of the code in GNOME. Ximian does not own GNOME, Miguel de Icaza doesn't own GNOME and Novel doesn't own GNOME. Please get your facts together.

SLES and Novell Desktop will default to GNOME in future versions. Red Hat defaults to GNOME since they adopted it to replace fvwm95.

As for Lindows (oops), Xandros, etc, these are rather small distributions. Since you care about popularity so much, you should know Red Hat/Fedora, SuSE and Ubuntu are far more popular.

As for Konqueror and others being the best, that's rather subjective. My opinion:
I refuse to run a file manager that's also a file browser, that's just plain bad usability copied from Microsoft Windows 98. I don't use a CD writer, I use the file manager to write data CD's and the music player to write audio discs. I never tried Amarok, but Banshee works wonderfully. May I also mention f-spot, that app truly kicks ass.

The point is not - hey you're wrong, these other apps are actually the best. The point is, stick to what you prefer and stop wasting time attacking other free desktop environments. Do like KDE developers, they cooperate with GNOME.
For example, GNOME has better accessibility support out of the box than Windows. KDE is working on integrating the same framework for KDE 4, so it can be as accessible as GNOME, and ahead of proprietary software.

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RE[7]: meh
by archiesteel on Sat 19th Nov 2005 20:42 in reply to "RE[6]: meh"
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Mandrake had to file for bankruptcy

Mandriva is now out of bankruptcy, and has started turning out a profit. Note that their financial troubles had nothing to do with KDE vs. GNOME.

Other distros that use KDE:

- Knoppix
- Kubuntu (now used by Mark Shuttleworth instead of Ubuntu
- Mepis
- PCLinuxOS
- Kanotix

Not to mention the fact that the best browser (Konqueror), the best audio player (amaroK) and the best CD/DVD-burning tool (K3b) are all KDE apps...

Both DEs are good, and benefit from the competition with each other. Stop trying to start flamewars you nasty little anonymous troll.

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RE[8]: meh
by Windows Sucks on Sat 19th Nov 2005 20:44 in reply to "RE[7]: meh"
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archiesteel, thank you for bringing the facts!

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RE[8]: meh
by on Sat 19th Nov 2005 21:05 in reply to "RE[7]: meh"
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Not to mention the fact that the best browser (Konqueror), the best audio player (amaroK) and the best CD/DVD-burning tool (K3b) are all KDE apps...

Meh. Personally, I don't like konqueror at all. It does a lot of things, but none of them well. I use rhythmbox as my music player, but only out of lack of an alternative (amaroK fares on better). K3b suffers from the same problems as konqueror.

I'd also like to point out that gnome and KDE are generally equal--they both suck, but at different things.


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RE[8]: meh
by dylansmrjones on Sun 20th Nov 2005 16:26 in reply to "RE[7]: meh"
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Well... Konqueror isn't better than FireFox, amaroK doesn't qualify as an audio player (xmms is the only real choice) and nobody with a sane mind would use K3b to burn CDs and DVDs.
(DISCLAIMER: This was written only to show how lame archiesteel's post was... personally I'd prefer KDE with Gnome taste, but until it's possible I'll stick to Gnome - even though it has some annoying flaws... And it does have those!)

archiesteel > you are starting flamewars while trying to say you're not.

Look at your posts!

Always, some facts about both DE's and then a line about not starting flamewars and then you start a flamewar by coming with stupid statements about one KDE-app or the other being better than any Gnome-app.

Sorry guys, but I just can't accept that just because YOU prefer a certain KDE-apps, it should automatically mean that this app is also the best for me. Personally I prefer VLC and XMMS. And in regard to DE's I'm not even sure about GUI's being a good idea ;)

What is best for you isn't nescessarily the best for me.

It seems to me that KDE is more used in Europe, and Gnome more used in USA. Personally I consider EDE to be quite interesting (at least in terms of simplicity and low system requirements).

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