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RE[13]: meh
by segedunum on Sun 20th Nov 2005 01:52 UTC in reply to "RE[12]: meh"
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Novell is "standardizing" on Gnome as their desktop environment. Anyone want to know why? Because the gnome guys know how to make a good simple end-user application.

Sigh. Not again.

The integration between those apps is non-existant in many cases, and if you want to talk about quality just compare F-Spot to Digikam and Amarok to, well, what do you compare it to? In most cases the technology actually works in KDE as well. The vast majority of people will go for working technology every time, and that's certainly been my experience with Windows users out there who don't know about Linux desktops in small businesses. I've given people Gnome and KDE and they've ended up picking KDE every time after a period of usage. Most people who've liked Gnome have usually been Mac users at some point, but they work out the issues fairly quickly. At the very least people work out with KDE that the user interfaces may not be perfect in some cases but that it actually does what it says on the tin.

Novell have standardised on nothing yet (they actually have to move to Gnome first!), and they have so much work in front of them to get central products like SLES (which now doesn't exist - 9 was the last) and OES moved to Gnome (YaST etc.) it isn't believable. What they're trying to do is copy Red Hat. Saying it and doing it are two extremely different things, and quite frankly, Novell are a dead company even if they moved absolutely everything to KDE. It might help them for a bit longer, but they just have no grasp of the software that they're using whatsoever.

Certainly, if they're moving to Gnome then their desktop migration is going to be a costly and embarrassing failure which Microsoft will unfortunately jump up and down over. Novell just simply don't have the resources or time to make it work and give their work away for free. What's going to happen with Evolution and other bits of software? We'll find out in the next few months.

Novell, Redhat, and other "commercial" distributions are targetting their desktop distributions at businesses

What businesses?! Red Hat and Novell are selling zero desktops to businesses as Red Hat have consistently stated. The only place where their desktops make any sense is for graphical administration environments for their servers. In the case of Red Hat I think they could do an awful lot more if they used KDE and Qt, simply because at the moment they're spending far too much money, resources and developer time maintaining pointless low level stuff rather than actually creating graphical tools that actually help their customers and bring more in. Most of Red Hat's tools at this point are a bit of an embarrassment.

Enough with this targetting businesses and corporate environments thing - it doesn't exist.

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by m_abs on Sun 20th Nov 2005 02:04 in reply to "KDE IS DOOMED...."
by segedunum on Sun 20th Nov 2005 02:10 in reply to "RE[13]: meh"
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Ha, ha, ha. Three or four minutes to get marked down? I assume people just didn't like that then. You people are always a good laugh when a decent comment comes along.

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by Mitarai on Sun 20th Nov 2005 02:12 in reply to "RE: KDE IS DOOMED...."
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by on Sun 20th Nov 2005 02:26 in reply to "RE: KDE IS DOOMED...."
by segedunum on Sun 20th Nov 2005 02:22 in reply to "RE[13]: meh"
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KDE has a problem and its obviou denie it won't help and the problem is and will be the the Qt lincesing problem this has only bring frustrations to KDE, thy should get rid of Qt

I'll bite a little bit. Let me explain the economics of the situation to all you clueless people out there:

- Trolltech makes money from licenses to put into the development of Qt, which give largely gives KDE the quality it has, and keeps them in business. It works.

- No companies around Gnome have the money or resources needed to put into GTK, low-level Gnome components or development tools to make them good enough, and they're certainly not going to bring open source development in-house and give it away. Those companies like Eazel that have tried have went bust, Ximian made no money and their investors got them bought out and now they will probably eat what's left of Novell's cash pile as well.

I hate to break this to you, but all of that Gnome stuff, GTK development and development of stuff like Mono for you to develop for nothing does not come out of thin air. Venture capitalists and companies like Novell do not exist to fund that for nothing. Open source software will work because it's cost effective, and the only cost effective open source desktop is KDE.

KDE is far from dead because it is the only way in which open source desktops are going to work, no matter how many people make Gnome their default desktop. Hard to take I know, but there it is.

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