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RE[13]: meh
by archiesteel on Sun 20th Nov 2005 05:18 UTC
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do you want mine and everyone elses(ie ordinary users) viewpoint or that of a kde developer as to the reasons why konqueror is a poor application?

Your opinion would have been fine. Aren't you able to think for yourself?

This is in Web Browsing mode. I don't need or want the Up button, or the Zoom buttons. The find button is non-descript and requires me to hover over the icon and wait for the tooltip. The security button is pointless since we can just put a lock icon on the status bar like most sane people (perhaps with a fancy KDE tooltip describing the security in use). The Download Manager button is also completely useless, especially since I don't even have KGet integrated with konqueror.

My take:

- I like the Up button in web browsing, I sometimes use it to return to the root of the web site
- The Zoom Button are very useful on my laptop as some web sites have their default size font in their CSS set way too big/small for my taste
- The security button comment is valid - as far as I'm concerned, it's the only valid comment in there, and one comment does not a broken app make
- The Download Manager button is fine for me as I do have Kget installed

The positive points of Konqueror far outweight the small annoyances described. Certainly, it does not make Konqueror a "poor" application - and in fact Aaron Krill does not say that Konq is a "poor" application, simply that IN HIS OPINION its usability could be improved.

All apps have usability problems on some level or another. That doesn't make them poor apps.

In the end, I really don't care if you like Konqueror or not. I do like it, very much, and that's utimately the only thing that matters.

Usability is an extremely subjective field anyway. Show me hard empirical data that proves that Konqueror is less useable than other similar apps, and then perhaps we'll talk.

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