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Late yesterday it was reported by The Information that Fitbit is close to buying wearable startup Pebble, news that has since been independently confirmed by The Verge. Fitbit and Pebble have been in the final stages of the deal since before the Thanksgiving holiday; the buying price has not yet been confirmed. While it ultimately might not be as good of a deal as Pebble would have hoped for, there are a lot of reasons why a Pebble-Fitbit deal makes sense.

Pebble is popular among OSNews readers, so those of you with a Pebble might want to keep an eye out for the future of this possible deal.

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RE: PT2 on order on kickstarter
by iampivot on Fri 2nd Dec 2016 13:17 UTC in reply to "PT2 on order on kickstarter"
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I think fitbit has to communicate to their customers very quickly what their intentions are with the product range at pebble. If they don't, they'll lose a lot of them fast.

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If you look at the Kickstarter comments sections its open panic like rats on a sinking ship

Literally hundreds of requests for refunds pouring in. Something needs to be done Before Fitbit takes over (if they end up doing so).

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