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Windows Microsoft has released a new build of Windows Vista to Vendors and Beta Testers. The build is 5259, and was compiled on November 17 2005. Screenshots of 5259 started appearing on forums yesterday (more here). 5259 contains new versions of Media Center, Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media Player 11, but little new when it comes to GUI. Microsoft Antispyware has also been fully integrated in this build. There is more on Vista's new fonts here, and more on TCP/IP here. Update: more, high-res this time, screenshots here.
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UI problem
by on Thu 24th Nov 2005 15:59 UTC

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One obvious UI problem that I hope they will sort out.

The round start button.

As everybody knows the five fastest pixels to access on any screen are the one you are over, plus the four corners. This is why the start button in pre-XP Luna was seen as snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. They placed the most commonly used interface element in the corner, near one of the fastest pixels, then put a two pixel border around it so that it could not be activated using the fastest pixel. This was fixed in the Luna theme, but if they choose to use that round start button it will once again be missing on an obvious trick.

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RE: UI problem
by Varg Vikernes on Thu 24th Nov 2005 17:52 in reply to "UI problem"
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Agreed. Though I don't think the Start button is as much of a problem as the close button. I don't have this build but I hope they don't have any dead pixels around the X button like OS X does (or so I've been told). And Apple fans think this is a good idea! There's nothing more painful then trying to aim for the X where you could just flick your mouse in the upper right corner.

Can someome with this build confirm that there's not dead pixels around the Start and X button?

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RE: UI problem
by zlynx on Fri 25th Nov 2005 04:14 in reply to "UI problem"
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Microsoft fixed the problem with the Start button and Close buttons on maximized windows a while ago.

I can say with certainty, since I just tried it, that Luna (silver) on WinXP x64 doesn't have this problem.

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RE[2]: UI problem
by on Fri 25th Nov 2005 09:16 in reply to "RE: UI problem"
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I know that Luna in XP doesn't, since this is the theme where they finally fixed it. However the round start button in the screen shots of this build of Vista would break what Luna in XP fixed.

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