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The United States, a country in North-America bogged down by extensive corruption, just passed a bill allowing ISPs to share and sell users' browsing history without their consent.

Internet providers now just need a signature from President Trump before they’re free to take, share, and even sell your web browsing history without your permission.

The House of Representatives passed a resolution today overturning an Obama-era FCC rule that required internet providers to get customers' permission before sharing their browsing history with other companies. The rules also required internet providers to protect that data from hackers and inform customers of any breaches.

The corrupt US senator who sponsored this clearly atrocious bill, Marsha Blackburn, from an area in the southern part of the country called Tennessee, received 693,000 US dollar in bribes from AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, and other related companies who operate in the country's dysfunctional telecommunications sector.

In the United States, officially a representative democracy, it is entirely normal for high-level figures - up to and including the president of the troubled nation, a man named Donald Trump - to receive vast sums of money to enact laws written by corporations, regardless of their effects on civil liberties or the poor and needy people of the country.

Americans, as citizens of the nation are called, often lack access to basic necessities such as healthcare, parental leave, clean drinking water, high-quality infrastructure, and so on. This is in spite of the country's vast natural resources and wealth, to which only a few percent of the country's population of 320 million have access to.

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RE[2]: Character Assassination
by jasutton on Wed 29th Mar 2017 01:18 UTC in reply to "RE: Character Assassination"
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You know [the republicans] are going to abuse this until hopefully the Democrats who are somewhat less corrupt retake control and walk this stuff back.

It's pure insanity and it came on the heels of electing our worst President ever.

I agree that Trump is a terrible choice for President. Whether Hillary would have been any better is, of course, impossible to tell. Her history suggests to me that she is just as corrupt. I didn't vote for either one.

It does make me snicker that you believe that democrats are any less corrupt than republicans; they're just a different brand of corrupt, IMO.

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I say that the Republicans are nakedly pro-business, and pro-corporate power. They were taken over by the pro-corporate forces very soon after they were created.

The Democrats are a bit more mixed. They have definitely been taken over by similar forces (a different set of corporate backers, who couldn't get into more lucrative party at the GOP) to an extent - especially the Clinton wing of the Democrats. But they really aren't quite as ridiculous as the Republicans. All of the rational voices we have left in America seem to be in the Democratic party (there are more outside the two parties, but thusfar, they have no power).

It would be foolish to believe the Democrats are angels, but they are not equivalent to Republicans.

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I disagree. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are awfully pro-corporation, anti-individual. It seemed to me that until recently (say the last five years) either the Democratic party was more mixed, or (more likely) they were better at hiding it. Or perhaps my socially liberal views blinded me to it.

Hopefully, after an election where Bernie Sanders had so much grassroots support, and Donald Trump was actually elected, the American third parties will get their poop in a group. Hopefully next time Gary Johnson (or whoever follows him) will do their homework and be able to realize the hunger for alternative parties, or Gill Stein (or whoever follows her) will be better at pointing out the moderate and generally easy-to-sell components of their platform.

If I have hope for anything, it's that we've rightly lost faith in a two party system, and finally enough people will exercise their rights to make real change. Given the usual voter turnout in the USA, it doesn't even need to be that many people, relatively speaking.

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