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So for today's AMD Financial Analyst Day, AMD has released a little bit more information as part of the next step of their campaign. The first Vega product to be released has a name, it has a design, and it has performance figures. Critically, it even has a release date. I hesitate to call this a full announcement in the typical sense - AMD is still holding some information back until closer to the launch - but we now finally have a clear picture of where the Vega generation kicks off for AMD.

Say hello to the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition.

First Ryzen, now Vega, with Ryzen 9 on the way. AMD is on a roll, and Intel is scrambling. Competition!

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AMD. NVidia, Intel ....
by cade on Fri 19th May 2017 00:39 UTC
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Intel is "CPU".
NVidia is "GPU"
AMD is "CPU + GPU".

It would be logical to infer that AMD would have the potential for a more flexible/broader product/technology strategy; i.e. there are reasons to believe that there can be a good "upside" to AMD.

While AMD bought ATI, Intel did not buy NVidia.
That must mean something good for AMD.

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RE: AMD. NVidia, Intel ....
by JLF65 on Fri 19th May 2017 15:30 in reply to "AMD. NVidia, Intel ...."
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Intel makes CPU+GPU as well as just CPU. They've long had their own GPU line, which can't compete with either AMD (ATI), or nVidia, so they've kept it for their CPU+GPU mobile market chips.

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RE[2]: AMD. NVidia, Intel ....
by Kochise on Fri 19th May 2017 17:42 in reply to "RE: AMD. NVidia, Intel ...."
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No. They just sell regular computers with their GPU on the main board as well. Up to you to power you rig with a stronger horse if needed. Several business and office computers doesn't need much that Intel's HD graphics that also quite improved with time and are perfectly OpenGL 4 capable.

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RE[2]: AMD. NVidia, Intel ....
by cade on Sat 20th May 2017 00:43 in reply to "RE: AMD. NVidia, Intel ...."
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To clarify, and in agreement with your comment, I meant "GPU" to refer to the more powerful GPUs capable of decent gaming and good candidates for VR/AR (virtual/augmented reality) applications; part of my programming work is 3D game engine research/development and I implicitly assumed the powerful-GPU-context, not the low power GPUs useful for business/office/etc. graphics (the latter are still useful for many people of the non-{gamer, technical} variety).

Apple's OSX is my primary software development platform prior to potential porting to other operating systems and being a 3D graphics guy I was surprised why a multimedia-centric company like Apple would shove a non-performant oriented GPU (Intel rather than NVidia/AMD) in the mac-mini. Even make the mac-min abit fatter for cooling of a decent GPU. I say this since a mac-mini "weaponised" with a real/powerful GPU (at least supporting OpenGL 4.0) would be a convenient software development box for us "graphics" dudes.

I hope that AMD's CPU/GPU stance, with possible side-effect being pressure on Intel/NVidia, may lead to Apple having easy access to options about a more functional mac-mini, etc.

My theory is that Apple will have to realise that, in a philosophical/creative sense, selling iPhones as their main product is not enough even though it's their "cash cow" since Apple may risk being confused as primarily a seller of mobile phones. Thus it will have to go back to it's roots and start to frequently refresh it's computer product lines; e.g. a modular/fatter mac mini useful for pro/consumer usage.

Let's wait and see.

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RE[2]: AMD. NVidia, Intel ....
by cb88 on Mon 22nd May 2017 13:26 in reply to "RE: AMD. NVidia, Intel ...."
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That isn't accurate... Intel GPUs power tons of low end desktops ie (what your grandparents, 50+% of business users and just about all kiosks will be running).... the win the lions share of GPU sales just because they sold a CPU + any GPU at all.

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