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Andrew S. Tanenbaum, creator of MINIX, has published an open letter to Intel regarding Intel's use of MINIX in the IME:

The only thing that would have been nice is that after the project had been finished and the chip deployed, that someone from Intel would have told me, just as a courtesy, that MINIX 3 was now probably the most widely used operating system in the world on x86 computers. That certainly wasn't required in any way, but I think it would have been polite to give me a heads up, that's all.

If nothing else, this bit of news reaffirms my view that the Berkeley license provides the maximum amount of freedom to potential users. If they want to publicize what they have done, fine. By all means, do so. If there are good reasons not to release the modified code, that's fine with me, too.

I can still barely believe this whole story.

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You never fail to deliver something thought provoking ;)

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Whatever this privatized Minix is. Should be a mini-Minix. Security Wise, the smaller attack surface, the easier to defend. AndrewT claim probably over the board. ;)

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If Intel had walked a similar path to AMDs -on the smallest RISC arch- shouldn't be at this problem now.

(They even have some ARCHIVED portfolio on the area).

Could some pride got into this -on taking 86 arch- and the (natural) complementary Minix soft tech?

Most probably, the issue was decided back then around not having the HUMAN expertize anymore.(Ha ha sorry AI, you still need at least SOME of us).

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