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If you've noticed a disruption in the time-space continuum recently, it is likely because I have finally been able to compile and install the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) in a current and actively-developed operating system (OpenBSD 6.2 in this case).

Since it's been a while - I love CDE.

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Is CDE on OpenBSD any news?
by wigry on Thu 21st Dec 2017 09:00 UTC
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Hmm, I find it amusing to see it as a news. When CDE was open sourced, OpenBSD was one of the first systems it was possible to compile it on. So I have a screenshot of running CDE on OpenBSD from many years ago already. Therefore I do not consider it to have any significance.

However regarding the CDE likeing itself, I always have related CDE to professional UNIX as my first exposure to CDE was IBM's AIX. Later in university I also saw it on Solaris boxes but it did look much worse than on AIX where it was very pleasing to eyes. The default color scheme on Solaris was quite horrible.

So If I could work on CDE then I felt like I was using a serious unix. When I started to explore the world of Linux, I was truely dissappointed for the unavailability of CDE and found KDE and GNOME feeling too flimsy and like a consumer-oriented toy-like products compared to ruggedness of CDE.

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RE: Is CDE on OpenBSD any news?
by wigry on Thu 21st Dec 2017 14:39 in reply to "Is CDE on OpenBSD any news?"
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Just for those interested, the CDE running on OpenBSD 5.4 back in 2014 with color scheme I remember from AIX days. The terminal window shades are especially cool, the background is not pure gray nor is the text pure white. The combination is just right and pleasant for the eyes.

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RE: Is CDE on OpenBSD any news?
by jimmy1971 on Thu 21st Dec 2017 19:16 in reply to "Is CDE on OpenBSD any news?"
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Your honor, I'd like the court to know that as the author of the piece in question, my defence is that the "news" part is in the series of patches for building on OpenBSD 6.2, couched as it is within a broader personal perspective on CDE itself. And so although it takes up only a small part of the article, there is a "how-to" element in there. Flimsy justification though that may be, my blog post was an example of me writing about the kind of topic about which I like to read, and so I imagine it is also the same kind of topic many OSnews readers enjoy as well.

As for the "news" part of this website's moniker, I've always thought of it as being akin to a website that offers "news" not just about new cars but also classic cars (i.e. cars that have been out of production for decades), like this one:

While it is in semi-retirement as a "commercial" product, and while its aesthetics aren't bound to change any time soon (potential fork projects notwithstanding), CDE is very much recent as far as open source projects go, and as such the open source community is giving it new life.

And finally, the numbers. Since posting that article on my blog less than 48 hours ago, it has had 17,130 hits, and just keeps climbing. That is far beyond what I ever would have imagined so quickly, particularly for something regarding an antiquated desktop environment posted on a marginal general interest blog (albeit one with frequent UNIX-related articles). My second most popular blog post was a piece about NetBSD from June 2016, which as of right now has garnered 2064 hits.

All that to say that there is still much interest in CDE - in using it, in continued development, and in learning from it. Given how underwhelming today's bloated DE offerings are, I think CDE still has a lot to teach today's UI designers.

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