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If I look back through all of the years we have covered Android, it’s hard to argue that the introduction of Google Play Edition phones wasn’t one of the biggest moments. In those early years, the Android skin situation was bad. Those early versions of TouchWiz, MotoBlur, and even HTC Sense, weren’t what many of us wanted, to say the least. We wanted Google’s version of Android, as well as their Nexus update schedules, yet that was tough to get because Google was making average hardware at the time.

While Google Play Edition may have failed as a program, I get the feeling that Android One will now act as a proper replacement to it.

Stop trying to make timely Android updates happen. It's not going to happen.

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Treble is required for 8.x phones, but OEMs are the ones supposed to deliver the updates anyway.

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Very good point. I had forgotten about that. So even if you would buy an Android phone with 8.1 on it in the next few months, having Treble on it, that doesn't mean that you are guaranteed any updates by the OEM. And even if the OEM makes them available the carrier might still block them. I don't think that will be the norm but we all know that will happen.

Basically Treble is Googles way to say "We have done our part, now it is up to the OEMs and carriers to do theirs".

It should make alternative ROMS a whole lot easier though!

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I can't understand why they let carriers get involved at all. Didn't Windows Mobile 5 and 6 teach these companies anything about what letting carriers get involved in the software would cause? I'll give Apple this: they did learn and one of their big stipulations was that no carrier could alter iOS at all, and thank goodness they had the sense to do that!

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