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Mobile World Congress is happening this week, and we're slowly getting a better picture of what Google's new "Android Go" initiative will look like. Android Go is a special configuration of Android 8.1 (with a selection of special "Go" apps) that targets low-end devices with 1GB of RAM or less.

MWC has seen a ton of manufacturers sign up for the program and announce phones shipping with the Go config, so it's time for a hardware roundup.

We often tend to get tunnel vision and focus on expensive flagships, so here's a roundup of upcoming 100 dollar Android Go phones. These are neat little phones for a decent price.

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by Pa1m0ne on Thu 1st Mar 2018 01:22 UTC
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When is it gonna be ported to the HD2, Lolz

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by kurkosdr on Sun 4th Mar 2018 17:51 in reply to "HTC HD2"
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When is it gonna be ported to the HD2, Lolz

Getting Android to run without any kind of OpenGL(ES) acceleration or WiFi support isn't "porting".

I honestly can't understand people who flash Android on HD2 phones. The HD2 represents the best device ever made for Windows Mobile, which is a line if OSes going back to the very first Pocket PCs, and hence in unmodified condition represents a piece of history and an attractive antique. Why would anyone want to convert it into a non-functional ultra-low-end Android device is beyond me. Those people are even weirder than those people who used to erase IRIX on SGI workstations to run Debian on them. Or the people who flash LineageOS on LG Optimus 3D phones (the best 3D camera that fits in your pocket, along with the Sharp SH-12C).

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RE[2]: HTC HD2
by weckart on Sun 4th Mar 2018 23:38 in reply to "RE: HTC HD2"
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I did just that. Was given the phone and wiped the antique OS off it so that it could be actually used for a while at least. I might put WinOS 6.5 back on it as a curio but the small widgets that you had to pick at with the stylus made it a laborious OS to navigate around.

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