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Mobile World Congress is happening this week, and we're slowly getting a better picture of what Google's new "Android Go" initiative will look like. Android Go is a special configuration of Android 8.1 (with a selection of special "Go" apps) that targets low-end devices with 1GB of RAM or less.

MWC has seen a ton of manufacturers sign up for the program and announce phones shipping with the Go config, so it's time for a hardware roundup.

We often tend to get tunnel vision and focus on expensive flagships, so here's a roundup of upcoming 100 dollar Android Go phones. These are neat little phones for a decent price.

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landfill phones
by xristos on Thu 1st Mar 2018 07:37 UTC
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My prediction:

one or two updates and these phones are going to be unusable.

I switched from Win10 mobile running on Snapdragon 400 series cpu to a Nexus 5x running on a Snapdragon 808. The Win10 mobile phone was and still is running circles around Android 8.1.

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RE: landfill phones
by nicubunu on Thu 1st Mar 2018 08:22 in reply to "landfill phones"
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Hey, it's not Apple to cripple old hardware with new software "updates"...

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RE[2]: landfill phones
by on Thu 1st Mar 2018 11:56 in reply to "RE: landfill phones" Member since:

in case of android it's mostly big apps that cause the bloat.

a lot of people say that you can still use android2 phone, but even the browser is barely usable.

maybe it works just for calling, or if you can find some legacy apk files for older (potentially insecure) software, but that's about it.

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RE: landfill phones
by moondevil on Thu 1st Mar 2018 09:15 in reply to "landfill phones"
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I still am a big WP fan.

Their decision to compile .NET to native code at the store level and expose 100% of the WP Frameworks to C++ as well (not like the castrated NDK) really makes a big performance difference.

Both would be possible on Android as well, compiling Java to native on the Play Store instead of wasting phone resources, and having an actual usable NDK, but Google has other priorities apparently.

Oh and all of them got more updates on their history than any of my Android devices.

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RE: landfill phones
by dylansmrjones on Thu 1st Mar 2018 10:44 in reply to "landfill phones"
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Well, they may get one or two updates, but don't count on it. Devices like Sony Xperia E4 belong in this segment. And they rarely get updates. OTOH, they don't become useless per se, except for more demanding gaming. Most apps will run fine on even older smartphones, though performance may suffer badly.

That said, devices in this price range have a typical lifetime of no more than 2-3 years because camera will fail or screen will crack or built-in non-replaceable battery will fail. And they are too cheap to repair.

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