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SkyOS "The SkyOS service collection has been extended with a web server service. Thanks to Gareth Owen (developer of ghttpd) and Cody Mays (ported ghttpd to SkyOS) you can use SkyOS as a web server now. The web server configuration is done with the common graphical service configuration plugin for the System Manager. Using Nvu and Firefox you have great tools available to develop and maintain websites from within SkyOS." A screenshot's here. This web server and the service plugin will be made available in an update package, available via the SkyOS Software store.
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riiiight... This has been gone over a million times. Besides, it really hasn't been that 'short' of a period. v5 has been in the works for several years now.

Just for once admit that some people can be fast, decent coders without your precious F/OSS...

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