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GNU, GPL, Open Source CIOs can gain competitive advantages by taking part in the open source revolution, a movement that will shake up the power structure of the IT world, said Julie Hanna Farris, the founder of Scalix. Farris explains why open source is not a fad and how it will benefit the business world.
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it is more important for the ISVs I think
by pravda on Thu 21st Jul 2005 13:07 UTC
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Recently a customer of ours refused to purchase a .NET solution from us as they had completely standardized on Java.

This was a surprise. The tide is really turning and .NET is getting the cold shoulder from CIOs who are in the know.

When the ISVs catch up, the market will really change fast. We are working on porting everything from .NET to Java and getting rid of .NET.

Customer disinterest in .NET was one thing. But for other customers who are not yet at the point of ditching .NET, it was the horrible DLL hell and installation problems that sealed the decision. It turns out that .NET is worse than Java. There are install issues where Microsoft's .NET corrupts the system forcing a complete reinstall of Windows in many cases. This is unsupportable for an ISV so we are moving away from .NET as much as possible as soon as possible.

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