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Mozilla & Gecko clones The first version of the Mozilla Foundation's Thunderbird was a serviceable e-mail client; the latest version may be a great one. At first, Thunderbird Version 1.0 made a good impression. On a longer acquaintance, however, problems such as poor search functionality and memory leaks tarnished its reputation. Now, with Thunderbird 1.5 Release Candidate Two in hand, the program stands poised to regain its good name and far, far more.
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RE: needs more developers, resources
by TomHu on Thu 15th Dec 2005 11:26 UTC in reply to "needs more developers, resources"
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Why do people want their calendars inside their MUA, just because many others make that mistake, it's no reason to expect this from the rest of the devs.

If you are looking for a calendar, look at Sunbird.

I _really_ don't know, how an Outlook user can complain about the TB GUI being sluggish, while Outlook regularly refuses to be responsive when some imap or pop actions are processed.

Outlook, and I'm talking about 2003 is such a terrible piece of junk, compared to the not so great at all TBird, which still has alot of problems.

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Just because you don't like having a calendar in your email client doesn't mean no one else does either.

Having the two systems tightly integrated allows for a complete business planner type system. Sure, it would be possible to do everything through a decoupled system, but it just feels unnatural at least to me.

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A personal information manager (preferably with PDA synchronization ;) ) is ideal for a business environment. The MUA is just a portion of that functionality.

You can use Mutt for your email and Vim for your calendar if you want, but I'm going to hold my breath for Lightning. ;)

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