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X11, Window Managers Aaron Siego of KDE: "It would be very nice if our X server could use OpenGL directly for its display and composition. Because then we could have hardware accelerated effects that are not only cool looking, but also very useful. Well, there is just such a project underway, called XGL. But don't hold your breath. The development of XGL has been largely removed from the community and is being done behind closed doors. Who is this company, you ask, that would take the development of something as potentially important as this out of the community and put it behind closed doors? Novell."
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RE[3]: It's KDEs own fault.
by camel on Wed 21st Dec 2005 17:02 UTC
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> The author of the article is a KDE developer.
The author in question seems to be also:
- human
- living in canada
- male

Here are some alternate versions of your headling:
"It's humanities own fault."
"It's the canadians own fault."
"It's the mens own fault."

I must say the candian one has a certain ring to it...although the kde version is far more catching in these surroundings ;-)

> As for the non-ideal situation... Tough. Any hypothetical person who wants to fork the code could have jumped in and helped Jon Smirl when he was working on Xgl and prevented this situation. They never did.

Well, Novel could simply work in the open. They chose to not do it, thus these reactions...Tough...

As you see its getting to a lot of coulda'woulda'shoulda'...fact is we have this non-ideal situation. What do we do about it?

I think we will wait, and while we're at it, we will complain. Then at some point Novel might have made something nice and the whole thing will be resolved and we will be a big happy family. Or Novel will have screwed up, and we will complain some more and sulk about the lost oportunities.

And that will be it.

(Novel probably could have had made the whole thing easier but...ah...lets not start over here ;-)

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RE[4]: It's KDEs own fault.
by adamk on Thu 22nd Dec 2005 13:25 in reply to "RE[3]: It's KDEs own fault."
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I must say the candian one has a certain ring to it...although the kde version is far more catching in these surroundings ;-)

It's also more appropriate, given that he's introduced as "Aaron Siego of KDE".


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